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10th September 2018 by naffy

London in the sun Sunglasses for glasses wearers London in the sun Ten days into September and it is officially time to say goodbye to Summer. It is a season which always surprises me every year. Summer is the time of year where I feel like the world stands still. This year in particular, I found that during the summer months, I felt a bit out of sorts, I cannot put my finger on it. I know I am not the only one who has felt like this so I did some reflecting and found I actually learnt a lot during Summer 2018.

It is ok to take a break 

I started July by taking the week off. I spent a week back up north and it was ram packed with seeing friends and two weddings. I was busy and definitely needed more sleep than I had but ultimately I had the best time. I didn’t worry about work, I took away the pressure I put myself to create consistent content that week. I caught up with friends I hands seen in around a year, my family and grandparents and ended up creating some moments I will cherish forever.

Motivating yourself is like a rollercoaster 

Saying that, when I came back finding the motivation to get into the swing of things goes up and down like a rollercoaster. I am not the only one. Summer seems to be the time people are away spending time with family and peoples schedules are all over the place making it hard to be productive at times. There was a time this would have made me feel like a failure and like I am wasting my time here on earth but this year I let these feelings wash over me with a feeling of meh and just accepted that I was not motivated that day and that was ok. I had to give myself a real kick up the backside to get the motivation back on the up and at the moment I am in a good space.

The vegan ice cream options is phenomenal 

Vegan Ice Cream is my absolute vice and this summer I was amazed to see how many options there are available. I already loved Booja Booja but Halo dropped their dairy free ice cream in the UK and I attended Vegan Nights  London and got to try out Dope ice cream. The ice cream kings Ben and Jerry’s also released two flavours which are delicious and vegan. My food issues stopped me from enjoying ice creams for a few years so it is nice to get stuck into it again this Summer.

I finally have my summer wardrobe mojo 

Part of the reason I love winter so much (apart from being a January baby and I love being cosy) is the fashion. I am just a lot more comfortable dressing during the colder month with all the sweaters, boots and extra layers. Summer is when I feel my most vulnerable fashion wise but over the past couple of years I feel like I have taken summer fashion in my stride and found a few ways to make it work for me. Cue midi skirts and dresses.

Bring on Autumn 

I adore the sun but not always the heat which is why I cannot wait for Autumn. There is something about the cold bricks walks in the park and the cosy evenings which excites me and I am here for it.

Summer just like the other seasons has its own story to tell and these lessons some up my summer 2018 story.

Did you learn anything from Summer 2018? let me know in the comments.

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