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16th April 2019 by naffy

Kilo Sale What is a Kilo Sale Kilo Sale London You all know I have been on a bit of a mission to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion. This means no fast fashion and only purchasing items I need. One way in which to do this is by purchasing second hand. One form of doing this is by going to a Kilo Sale. So on Saturday, I went to the depths of Peckham and did exactly that.

First thing first

What is a Kilo Sale?

A Kilo sale is essentially where you can root through items of second-hand good quality clothing and pay £15 per Kilo. (prices may vary but this is the general price) If you only purchase one or two items which are less than a Kilo then you can purchase them individually.

What I found

This was the first time I went to a Kilo and I have to say it was a nice experience. The people who organised it were lovely and there was a decent amount of clothing to choose from. I was particularly interested in finding a pair of jeans but alas, I didn’t find any that worked. What I did find was this stunning dress perfect for the summer days at work.

The thing about Kilo sales is that each one has the potential to be different. This one, for example, was outside and vintage themed but most others are in a community centre and the items vary. The one in Peckham was quite heavy on the tops and patterned clothing and did not include any shoes or accessories while some others would include these items.

In regards to the quality of the items, the items were all good quality, there was one dress which I dubious about, but aside from that, I was impressed. While it may be obvious some of the items had been worn, the quality was still there.

Would I go to a Kilo sale again?

Yes I would. While I only found one item this time around, the beauty of a Kilo sale is that you never know what you may find. It is an exciting and sustainable to shop when you need to replenish something in your wardrobe. In fact, I have plans to visit the Kilos sales across London throughout the summer weekends.

Have you ever been to a Kilo sale before? Let me know what you think.



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