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Wednesday Ramblings | The Alternative Graze Box

13th April 2016 by naffy

Early Bird Raw Snacks Recently I have been looking in to finding some healthy snacks. I like eating healthily but found myself stuck in a rut when it comes to snacking. I am also not too adventurous in trying out new foods (something I am working out). After doing some research I came across the EarlyBird box which I have dubbed the alternative graze box

The Earlybird box is a weekly subscription box which features raw nutritous snacks. The snacks vary dependant on your tastes. When you sign up, you can say if you are dairy intolerant or if you don’t like Olives (both of which I ticked)

What sets this apart from other subscription food boxes is the idea that everything is raw. Completely 100% raw and encourages you to open up your food palette.

When my first box arrived, I was not sure what to expect but was very excited to see what it had to offer. My first box had four small pots of the following:

Pineapple of my Eye
Chestnut on the Fire
Cacao Chia Pudding
Mjoitea Mockingbird

A lot of the pieces that were in this box are things that are new of me. Chia puddings, coconut chips and pumpkin seeds are things I have not tried anything which was exciting.

I will not lie, not everything in this box was for me, for example, the Chia seed pudding did not work the way I was hoping it would. (I may not have made it properly) and the cacao powder was slightly too bitter. However through the box, I discovered I really like chestnuts! The Chestnut on the Fire pot was my favourite from this box.

Since this I have had my second box which had flat pack brownies in it with Ombar Chocolate and really did enjoy it.

Two boxes in and I found EarlyBird to be a good way to try and discover new treats. I was not a fan of everything in the box, however, if you were interested in trying to find alternative snacks to fuel your body, but was afraid to spend a lot of money on something you were unsure about, this is a good way to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Let me know if you tried them and what you thought.


  • MissPond
    13th April 2016 / Reply

    I used to have a Graze box sub but the hit and miss of it made me get rid after a while, some months I’d love stuff and others I wouldn’t. I’m not sure I’d try another box like this again to be honest.

    • Anna | EarlyBird
      25th April 2016 / Reply

      We know this is a worry – we try and provide as much information as possible about what is in our snacks and the way it tastes on our website so you will hopefully not be disappointed and none of your snacks go to waste!

    • naffy
      26th April 2016 / Reply

      aww not, I honestly enjoyed receiving this so it is worth a go. xx

  • Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy
    13th April 2016 / Reply

    I never really got on with the Graze boxes, as some of them were good and some of them were not so good.

    • Anna | EarlyBird
      25th April 2016 / Reply

      Hi Dannii – you can tell us your preferences by clicking like, try or dislike on each of our snacks and this will help us hand-pick the perfect box of snacks for you so hopefully you will like them all!

    • naffy
      26th April 2016 / Reply

      Yeah it is a bit of a gamble but I think that is part of the fun xxx

  • Molly
    14th April 2016 / Reply

    Oh, this is interesting! I really like Graze and this packaging looks just like theirs! I bet these snacks would be tasty, I like the raw aspect.

    Molly and Stacie

    • Anna | EarlyBird
      25th April 2016 / Reply

      Thanks Mollie! If you do try be sure to let us know what you thought of the snacks.

    • naffy
      26th April 2016 / Reply

      Its so good I love it :) xxx