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6th January 2016 by naffy
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It is the time of year many of us aspire to get more healthy. There are plenty of adverts claiming to help you ‘shed the pounds’ and the word detox gets thrown around. Personally, I wanted to share a different approach and that is just wholesome eating. Eating good nutritious food, food that contains everything you need to function but satisfies your lust for good food.

The Good Life Eatery is a place I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember so on my latest visit to London I decided to make it a mission to find the wholesome eatery for a spot of Sunday brunch.

When I opened the door I was instantly met with yummy vegan, veggie, dairy free and raw delicious baked goods. I had my eyes on the spelt muffin. I was going to be walking for a long time so wanted something filling and give me a boost of energy so after browsing their menu decided on Skinny Royale, which consisted off Rye Bread, Poached Eggs and Salmon, along with chives and yoghurt.

I know it sounds like a simple dish to choose and it was but it was honestly very delicious. The yolk was the perfect consistency, the salmon was the right amount, not too much but not too little you are craving more. The poached eggs as you can see in the pictures were beautifully cooked to perfection. I always find poached eggs can be a hit or a miss and the chef at The Good Life Eatery hit the nail on the head.

On my way out I grabbed the Chocovado Mouse which I was intrigued by to eat during the day but the moment I reached my seat on the tube it was gobbled down. The mousse is topped with Coconut Yoghurt, cranberry powder and Strawberries. I really enjoyed it and ate this in about 2 minutes if that.

The staff at The Good Life Eatery were a pleasure always making sure if I was ok during my visit. You can find a range of food their from their famous chia seed pudding and acai bowls. I could honestly visit the place every day for breakfast and not get bored with the place.

Based in South Kensington it is surrounded by the most picturesque buildings as well as shops. I could quite happily spend the morning traipsing around the area. If you watch Made in Chelsea you will be able some of the nearby landmarks as bits of the show have been filmed there.

Let me know if any of you have eaten here before, I am already planning my next visit.

  • 6th January 2016 / Reply

    I aspire to eat healthy too… bht with exams round the corner it has bern dominos dominos and dominos lol x

  • 6th January 2016 / Reply

    Good wholesome healthy eating is definitely my approach to rather than yoyo detox's. I've never actually been into the good life, it looks so scrumptious. thankyou for sharing and happy new year Naffy x

  • 8th January 2016 / Reply

    I love your food blog post of this great restaurant! I would def. try those desserts and goodies!