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Wednesday Ramblings |Exploring Covent Garden

27th January 2016 by naffy

Covent Garden Aspinal of London Kate Spade Covent Garden There is something beautiful and magical about finding a new place to explore. Be it in the city you live it or somewhere further. On my last visit to London I did took to exploring Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is one of the most well known places to visit one of a kind shops in London. Located in the the city centre it is the shopping district for beauty, fashion, modern and vintage lovers alike.

After entering the Gardens via the Covent Garden Tube Station you are immediately met with a flurry of shops and English eateries.

If you’re in a time crunch, the best way to visit Covent Garden is to plan. I had a limited amount of time there so I did some research before hand and made mental notes on the places to visit.

My first reason to go there was of course the Charlotte Tilbury flagship store, even if you are just window shopping or want to kill some time, the beauty in this place is worth visiting.

My next stop was the Kiko Milano store. You already have a sneak peak at some of the purchases I made. I do not live near a Kiko Store so I make  point of looking in to one when I come across them. Luckily they now have one in Manchester but at the time they didn’t.

Covent Gardens is a beauty junkie’s paradise. It is home to the Burberry Store, the house of Dior and more.  The next time I visit the Beauty Quarter is on my list to visit.

Fashion wise, Covent Garden is home to the only Kate Spade store in the UK. I have very few designers I swoon head over heels for without any hesitation but Kate Spade is one of them. The moment I entered the store I was met with the most beautiful prints. From the handbags to the jewellery it was a beautiful store.

Although Manchester is home to some great designer stores, one that is missing is Aspinal of London. Their range is sold in Selfridges, however Covent Garden is home to a store. If you are looking for a bag, laptop case and anything travel related this is the place I would go.

I also came across Bloom Perfumery. I have found a new appreciation for perfumes. The blending of different scents and notes combing together to make one scent. Bloom Perfumery shows you the art behind making a perfume. Unlike when you visit a national retailer when you walk in to Bloom you are able to see the thought process and the careful planing that goes behind scents like their Panorama and Rose Cut fragrances.

To round off my trip I took a trip to Muji. This was off the beaten track but I am glad I stumbled across it. For the longest time I have herd how amazing this stationary space is so I went in and found all the stationary a girl could want. I also came across their winter wear and decided to pick up a pair of their touch screen gloves as they were on sale.

I had to have lunch at the station but if you want a bite you can have anything from Marks and Spencer to Homeslice depending on your plans.

What would I do differently if I had a second chance? I would have planned an entire day dedicated to Covent Garden. There is so much to see and explore, as with everything in London, it is a place to have to venture too more than once.

  • Larissa
    27th January 2016 / Reply

    Loved the photos honey, keep up the good work, your blog never ceases to look fantastic !

    • naffy
      28th January 2016 / Reply

      Thanks sweetie!

  • Faye
    27th January 2016 / Reply

    I haven’t been that many times, but I love Covent Gardens, it’s really different to the other shopping places in the city. Love you blog layout xx

    • naffy
      28th January 2016 / Reply

      Thanks lovely xxx

  • Holly at RockOnHolly
    27th January 2016 / Reply

    Ooh I really need to go to Covent Garden! There looks like so much gorgeous stuff #shopaholic :-)
    Loving your new blog design too!! xx

    • naffy
      28th January 2016 / Reply

      Let me know if you decide to make a visit? Thanks lovely xx

  • Elaine
    27th January 2016 / Reply

    Ahhh this is making want to go back to London for a visit!

    • naffy
      28th January 2016 / Reply

      Me too! xxx

  • Ursula
    28th January 2016 / Reply

    Oh, all those shops and so little time and wallet!! Love Kate Spade and the closet one to me is a hour and half away from my home! I plan to slowly build up my collection esp the cups/ mugs, stationery, and the purse! :)


  • Tess
    29th January 2016 / Reply

    Looks like such a lovely place to walk around! I love finding new neighborhoods to explore.