Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Wednesday Ramblings | Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

17th February 2016 by naffy

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert One in a while book come out and each works speak not only to you but to your heart and that is exactly what happened when I opened Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame debuted her latest novel called Big Magic – a book on creative living at the beginning of the year.

Creative Living can refer to an writer or artist but it can also include the woman who figure stakes in her free time or the girl who occasionally blogs on the weekend. It is about the ups and down of being a creative person. The different stages of creativity you go through and how you overcome them.

I think the reason I fell in love with Gilbert and her writing is the no nonsense approach she takes to talking about the pitalls of being a creative person which I love. She does not sugar coat her words. Unlike other books with similar themes Gilbert says it the way it is, being a creative person is not always easy, you have to be brave and yourself out there.

I really resonated with her words and found myself saying ‘yes this is how I feel’. It is dubbed a self help book but like Gilbert addresses, she did not write it with that intention and that really does come across, she talks with you in conversation rather than at you with pointers which I think will work well especially if you are starting out in your creative living.

The chapters in this book are quite small which if you read on the go means it is easy to dip in and out off. I tend to read on my lunch breaks, in the morning before I start work and if I have a journey I tend to have a book to hand. The way the book is laid out works well for this and meant I was able to finish this quite quickly.

I have not read too many books written by Gilbert but she is now on my list of writers to keep an eye on and I have a feeling I will be reading more of her stuff throughout the year.