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The way Tea should be: The London Tea Company

22nd August 2016 by naffy

The London Tea Company London Breakfast IMG_9483 London Breakfast If you remember my trip to the Blogosphere Cover Reveal Party, you will know, I was lucky enough to try the London Breakfast Tea by The London Tea Company. As a tea addict,  I love discovering new brands of tea so I was extremely excited to give this a try.

Mixing the fusion of both London and Tea, The London Tea Company set out to source the best fair trade tea the world can offer. With a range of teas from English Breakfast to Raspberry, Ginger and Vanilla to offer there is something for every type of tea drinker.

I tried the London Breakfast tea, which yes in the realm of teas, can be seen as quite boring but it isa tea I find rather comforting.

When I first tried it, I was instantly impressed with the packaging. The colourful pink packets with the drawstring added something extra to the tea making process (sad but true, this is how much I love tea).

As it was an English Breakfast tea, I was expecting to to enjoy it but I was not expecting was to be impressed enough to notice the subtle difference in comparison to my regular morning tea.

I honestly cannot put my finger on what made this London Breakfast Tea stand out from the rest but it does. The London Tea Company Source only the best organic and fair trade ingredients and in this particular tea, that is from Sri Lanka. To me, this is what made the difference. The extra  care taken really does make a difference.

My next stop? is to try their Earl Grey and Assam Teas. Both are flavours I am slightly more fussy about so it will be interesting to see what I think.

The prices of The London Tea Company Tea can vary and are slightly more than your regular supermarket tea, but if you know someone who loves a good cup of tea they make great gifts.

  • Rachel
    22nd August 2016 / Reply

    What a lovely sounding company, I absolutely love tea but it has to be decaf these days x

  • Laura
    26th August 2016 / Reply

    I don’t think I have seen it around here. I would love to try their teas though x

    Pink Frenzy