The voice

1st April 2012 by naffy

So last weekend saw the start of a new show called the voice on BBC 1 and wow it did not disappoint. I had herd great things about the American version which is where the show started off and it really did not disappoint. Seriously, as much as I love Simon Cowell and the X- factor he must be quaking in his boots. The talent that was on the voice was phenomenal. I was astounded, it was so good I watched a few of the performances again on YouTube a few times and added them to my playlist . They could all sing, the contestants wanted to be able to get the judges attention and worked their lungs off doing just that. I love music and music talent shows, the voice is definitely the best combination of the two. Thee was no fluffiness to it, the entertainment value came solely from the incredible singers as their talent. The fact that it was a trending topic on twitter the ENTIRE weekend!!!! shows it definitely got a reaction.

To add to that the judges are phenomenal. Jessi J, Tom Jones, Danny O’donaghue and Will i am. The fact that it has the beautiful Reggie Yates presenting the show just adds to to how fabulous it is.

If you haven’t already watch it on I player and watch it on Saturday!!! If you love music you wont be disappointed :)!

Here are some of my favorite performances but they have all been pretty amazing. Let me know what you think? :)

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