19th February 2012 by naffy

Recently, something which has annoyed me to no end the amount of press attention that was given when Russia and China Veto’d against a recent UN Resolution against helping Syria. The reasons however is not just because they are wrong and it should have been passed to help the people who are being terroriesed and killed.

The other aspect of this situation which annoys me to absolutely no end is the way in which the United States and the media keep bringing it up and condemning it. The reason being is when Palestine wanted to be part of the UN and that was Veto’d by both the United States and Israel the backlash and the talk it received with nothing compared to this and that was just as important to pass. 
Why should one Veto matter over the other? Both in the end allowed for more harm to take place. More people are being killed on both Palestine and Syrian soil and nothing is being done about it because one can argue that what happens is being controlled due to the Veto’s that countries have made which may not even be due to the acts that are taking place to extenuating reasons. 
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