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Vegan Restaurants in London for special occasions | Food

2nd November 2018 by naffy

Aovado on Toast I have previously spoken about my love for London and the vegan food scene but I realised, I haven’t really spoken about the Vegan Restaurants in London which are perfect  for special occasions  such as birthdays, christmas meals or engagements.

Tell Your Friends

The first time I visited Tell Your Friends, I knew I would be back. Not only does it look great and have a wonderful atmosphere. The food is 100% delicious. We went a bit overboard with the ordering because the menu was that good. I had a bit of everything and have to stay it was all delicious. I also went back for brunch and that was just as enjoyable. It is a bit away from where I am based in London but it is worth the journey.

Wulf and Lamb

I went for brunch at Wulf and Lamb and I fell in love with the  vibe of the place. The staff were very accommodating and the menu is vast full of good options to choose from including delicious baked goods. It is just off Kings Road which is why I think it would make a good spot for a lovely afternoon. There are some amazing shops in the area as well as the Saatchi Gallery


This is a oldie but a goodie. I have mentioned Redemption before as it was one of the first placed I ventured too on a trip to London before I moved down here. I have since been back and feel like it holds a special place in my heart. the food is delicious and different from other places you may venture too. I had the pasta and the chocolate truffles both of which to die for. I can also confirm they do a mean Avo on toast if that is your thing.

All of the above steer you away from the idea plant based is just beans and salad. It can be dishes full of flavour and variety.

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