Urban Decay eyeshadow review

The Urban Decay Palettes you didn’t know you need | Review

31st August 2017 by naffy

Urban Decay eyeshadow review Urban Decay is known for their eyeshadows. If you have any interest in makeup – chances are you would have heard of their famous palettes, that it can be overwhelming to know where to start, which is why I thought I would share some of the urban decay palettes you didn’t know about.

Urban Decay Afterdark Palette 

I haven’t heard many people talk about the Afterdark palette but this is a beautiful palette full of colourful shades with some neutral shades thrown in. If you are looking for a palette with hints of pinks, purples with some blues and green thrown in this are one for you. I do not have a lot of striking blues and greens in my palettes and this fits in perfectly. The shades are colourful without being overpowering and you can use this palette to make a few looks.

Urban Decay Naked Two Palette 

The forgotten of the Naked Palettes, the Naked Palette two is the perfect neutral palette. I recently started using it again and fell back in love with the shades half baked and copper. The pigmentation is next to none and you can create looks from day to night using just these twelve shades.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette 

The reason the latest release from Urban Decay palette is back on the blog is due to the versatility of the shades. You can pick up neutral shades from anywhere, but these ambers, orange and red shades which are perfect for autumn and winter are some of the most delicate beautiful shades I have seen which from any palette which is why it will remain a constant in my collection. I ran through all the shades here and you can create some stunning smokey but wearable looks with it.

All of these palettes have something in them I cannot get from other eyeshadows I have tried in the past which is why these urban decay palettes are a good place to start if you are looking to build your collection.

Do you have a favourite palette? let me know in the comments.


  • Georgie
    31st August 2017 / Reply

    I’m obsessed with my Naked 2 palette, I use it all the time x

  • Jessice Holmgren
    2nd September 2017 / Reply

    Oh, I LOVE the new UB Naked Heat Palette. I love warm colors so this one is def my cup of tea. Love your blog btw, will read more and follow :)