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Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Collection | Review

22nd February 2018 by naffy

Urban Decay Palettes Urban Decay Beauty Beam Palette Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope palette Urban Decay Palette Urban Decay Mega Matte Lipstick Urban Decay swatch I always love a good Urban Decay Collection and the new Kristen Leanne Collection* did not disappoint.

The collection includes two eye palettes, one face palette and a variety of lipsticks, liquid lipsticks. Whether you like going nude or embracing the colour, there is something for everyone.

The first thing which caught my eye is the Beauty Beam Highlighting Palette which is three shades of shimmery goodness for the cheeks. There is a gold shade, a bronze shade and a champagne shade. My personal favourite is the centre shade. Each one is pigmented and is not for the light hearted. There is a slightly shimmer compared to being ‘wet’ so although I do not have a problem wearing it to work will be one I will definitely bring out on special events and evenings. It also layers beautifully on the skin.

I was also intrigued by the Daydream Eyeshadow Palette, as it is an all matte palette, which are traditionally hard to do. This works like a dream. The shadows are incredibly pigmented, blend well to create a lovely neutral eye. My favourite shade is the beautiful auburn shade 12/12. The brown shades are the perfect base for a crease shade on my lids and allow me to create a detailed eye look when I want to add a little bit of va va voom.

The main centre piece of the collection is the Kaleidoscope palette. I heard a lot of people rave about this and while I do enjoy it, it was the one thing which didn’t peak my interest when the collection first launched. The main reason is that there are many shades in the palette which I would not naturally gravitate towards. The blues and the greens are beautiful but I do not personally wear them on my lids. I do love spitfire as there is something striking yet wearable about it. My favourites from the palette is the combination of corona and stay gold to create a nice deep neutral look.

I am obsessed with lip products and Urban Decay has some of the most incredible shade ranges and finishes I have come across. Bun Bun is a comfort matte lipstick and is a nude shade. It is the the type of nude which to me borderlines on washing me out, however the more I wear, the more I love it and embraced it. The comfort matte is a formula I have not tried before from Urban Decay and I enjoyed it. It is a great go between if you like a matte formula but want something a little more hydrating on the lips. I will say the lasting power surprised me, aside from when I ate I had no problem with it staying on my lips. I did reapply after a few hours but nothing which bothered me.

The collection includes the shade spellbound which is a mega matte deep burgundy shade and I think I will be picking it up when payday comes around.

If you want a more in-depth look on how the products look, I did a first impressions of the palettes and lipstick in this weeks video.

Overall the Urban Decay Kristen Leanne collection is fabulous and I cannot wait to see the next collaboration from Urban Decay.


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