Uni Fee’s

18th November 2011 by naffy

So this time last year the hot political topic of the time was of course university tuition fees. Ever since the Coalition Government has announced the plans to lift the cap on tuition fee’s and reduced university funding. Students hit the roof, and quite rightly too! Nick Clegg let all his student voters down by agreeing to it.

My personal opinion, i am for the abolition of tuition fees (students should pay something towards the education they get but not 9grand) i know that is a unpopular opinion but i do think what the government did was wrong. The government should be investing in the future of the young people not taking their future away from them. So i went to the Demo where i took the picture and there have been many demonstrations are still happening. It is never too late to make a difference and get involved in trying to get this overturned. Write to your MP, go to the demo’s do what you can if you feel passionate about it. :) We are talking about our younger brothers, sisters and future children’s future. I think its atrocious the idea that my sister has to pay 9000 to get a degree. I am all for maintaining the education system we have but that is a bit much don’t you think?

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