UK Youth Parliament

4th November 2011 by naffy

I have been lucky to be in a position where i can say i was part of making a difference and try and help my community. For four years i was part of something called the United Kingdom Youth Parliament. Today the young people of the UK Youth Parliament debated in the House of Commons. This is such a prestigious event. It is something i know from experience is life changing. The feeling the young people get when they walk in to the chamber, i don’t think much can compare to it. 4 years ago, the Members of Youth Parliament  (MYP) were the first to debate in the chamber besides MP’s in 500 years. The Members of Youth Parliament year and year are taking the debates in their stride. The sheer quality of the debates is always outstanding and today was no different. They voted for their national campaign and affordable transport was chosen out of five. Each of the debates were motioned apposed, then closed by MYP’s from across the UK.

I am fortunate enough to still have some really close friends within the UK Youth Parliament and just want to say how amazing i think they did. I am soo so proud of them. They were and carrying on being a testament to themselves but also to the world showing that young people do have a passion for politics and they do care about worldly issues. I look forward to watching it all over again next year.

If you want to watch today’s debate it should be on iplayer tomorrow and if you want to read about the debate then take a look and what the BBC wrote http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-15589918 there is the link :).

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