Nafisah Atcha

Twenty Six Life Lessons

28th January 2017 by naffy

Nafisah Atcha Today is a rather special day. It is my twenty sixth birthday and looking back, I have a lovely life but it definitely has had its up and downs. I’ve learnt, I’ve laughed and as my brain has been tinkering over the past few years, I thought I would share twenty six live lessons I have discovered in twenty six years on this earth.

  • Kindness is not a weakness no matter how many people try to tell you other wise.
  • Saying no is not a bad thing
  • Say yes to opportunities
  • Your life choices are your to make no one elses.
  • Family is everything
  • Money helps, but it is not the be and end all.
  • Your body is an organ, treat it well.
  • You will find a hobby you love and will cherish it completely
  • Your Career is important to you and that is ok.
  • People may tell you life
  • Working hard is good but so is taking time for yourself.
  • You’re a morning person, deal with it.
  • Your sister will become your best friend and that is pretty special
  • You suck at math, get an accountant
  • Your gut has taken you this far, trust it.
  • No man will love you as much as your father does
  • If someone does not align with your morals, it is ok to walk away
  • Job hunting is tough but belief in yourself and your skills will take you far.
  • Being an introvert is not a bad thing. Emma Watson is a clear example of this.
  • Religion will guide you and keep you on the right track.
  • The little things will give you hope in the human race.
  • Grandparents are forever your biggest champions. Cherish them.
  • Standing out from the crowd is not a bad thing
  • Life is unpredictable and that is ok.
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Love over hate always

And with that I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has an impact over the last twenty six years of my life. Leave me a life lesson you have learnt in the comments below.

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