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31st January 2018 by naffy

achieving your goals I am a meretricious planner. I have a bullet journal, a day to day journal and a digital calendar to help me achieve my goals. The reason I do the above is to make sure I am proactive. Planning is great but eventually you do need to act upon those plans to achieve them. Sometimes this can be daunting which is why I thought I would share with you some tips and trip on how to turn your planning in to action.

Break down your to do list 

When you write your to do list, it is very easy to write a long list of things you need to do. If you are anything like me, it can be a little bit daunting. Something which works for me, I would say to break it down in to subheadings. For example under my to do list, I have headings such as chores, blog, work ect and put down the things I need to do that day under the right heading. It helps you plan out your day and breaks it down in a manageable way.

Check off your to do list 

Take a couple of seconds out of your day to tick off your list. It will act as a motivator to get it all done. I do this once during my lunch break and once just before my evening meal. I also found it helps you realise how much you have gotten done and makes you feel less guilty if you need a break.

Set weekly goals then break them down 

Every week I have a weekly goal section in my bullet journal. I can then turn back to it throughout the week and plan things each day to achieve them. I found if I have them written them down with a potential deadline, I am more likely to be productive and get it done sooner rather than later.

Are you planner? do you have any effective planning tips? let me know!

2018 Diary from Ryman and notebook from Sainsburys 


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