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28th November 2014 by naffy
For today’s Top Tip Friday, I took it to the experts. Hazra Jina from Jina Artristry is not only a great friend but a wonderful make up artist who I always turn too for make up advice so I thought I would ash her to share her tips on what helps create a flawless long lasting make up look. This will be perfect for this time of year when we are all social butterflies and need our make up to last that little bit longer. 
Three Must have beauty products
My Three go to products would have to be. 
Smashbox photo finish primer
Mac fix+ spray
And motives sculpting palette

What completes a beauty look?
False Lashes.  I think they make you look glamorous.

How do you come up with ideas for your looks

I first take in to account the person’s face and eye shape. I always ask a client how would they like they makeup so I know what they feel comfortable with before I suggest what they may suit. I look at work by Sonia Fyza and and other makeup artists like Karla Powell and lookamillion and get ideas from them. 

Anything special you do to get ready for a shoot?

I always make sure the skin is moisturised. This way the makeup will set better. If it sets better it will stay on better. To finish the look I always use mac fix+ spray to lock everything in. I also encourage the girls to drink lots of water too. 

What tips would you give people who want their make up to last all day. 

I make sure I’m always stocked up with extra supplies and I always make sure the models face is prepped and make sure they have had rest so no eye bags are visible. I always make sure we have plenty of drinks and check the temperature of the room is right. Another thing I take in to consideration is the lightning especially when I am on a shoot.
Hope you guys found this useful! I know I did (I basically need MAC Fix plus in my life now) If you want to see more of Jina Artistry Check out her Instagram Page
Lots of love
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