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23rd December 2019 by naffy

Top Podcasts of 2019 Top Podcasts of 2019 Top Podcasts of 2019 It is no secret I love a good podcast and I have listened to my fair share of them in 2019.

Podcasts have gotten me through days in the office, provided me with noise when the silence in my room is too loud, they also give me motivation when I am waking up in the morning. They even give me a hug at the end of the day when I am on my way home from work. So it is safe to say they hold a special place in my heart and as such thought, my Top podcasts from 2019 deserved a special mention. Strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a long one.

Pilot TV Podcast

There is something special about listening to people chat about TV in a way that is genuine and honest like you would with your friends sitting around the staff kitchen or your WhatsApp group.Hosted by James Dyer, along with Boyd Hilton and Terri White, what makes this podcast stand out is the passion the three of them have for television AND the banter they all poses. Each of them are different and their perspectives are interesting. I was fortunate enough to watch this live this year and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. I don’t think there is a show of this podcast I haven’t listened to on the day it landed in my podcast feed.

Empire Movie Podcast

I love films but I also love analysing them chatting about them with friends and family. In fact, I am usually on the receiving end of friends and family moaning at me because as soon as we finish watching a movie, I want to deconstruct it and talk about it. It is a whole thing for me which is why I love the Empire Podcast. Aside from the fact I feel like I have found my people in some wonderfully weird way, I also cannot wait to hear their thoughts on the latest films especially if I have seen it. This year, they started doing more spoiler specials for certain films and more in-depth interviews with stars and creators of films. For example, I adored hearing Himesh Patel talk about his time filming Yesterday and the queen that is Greta Gerwig talk about Little Women.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

When I need a little bit of motivation I love listening to Jay Shetty in the morning. He interviews some incredible people about how they found their purpose and gets really deep about who they are. Each one is incredibly enlightening and really demonstrates how hard work and being yourself is the key to success (whatever that looks like for you) He also does individual shows with very practical tips on topics such as how to navigate relationships and being a better communicator. I always want to have a notebook on hand when I listen to these so I can write the tips down.

The High Low

One of the first podcasts I discovered a couple of years ago, The High Low will forever hold a special place in my heart. Both Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes have interesting and relatable takes on the current news. They really investigate the topics they share with us and each episode is packed full of articles, books and podcasts I want to delve into afterwards. The conversations they have touch on everything from Big Brother to Sex Trafficking each one done with care.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

There is a societal norm which means we often get scared to talk about our failures and this shows does a wonderful job at demonstrating why quite frankly this is something we need to abolish in 2020. We all make mistakes and we all feel like we have failed at something. There is something quite empowering about talking about your own failures. I was at a low point in the year when I found this show and it really helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. As someone who puts a lot of pressure on herself, this is a show I wish I listened too in my early twenties. Maybe, just maybe, I would have eased up on myself a little bit.

Sheerluxe Podcast The Daily Brief

I love staying in touch with what is going on in the world but I have to admit, Twitter is not for me when it comes to engaging with world events and the latest news. It can get overwhelming and a lot to take in. The team at Sheerluxe Podcasts provide a safe space to get the headlines of what has been going on from politics to entertainment and everything in between in about 20 minutes. They record it like news show which means they don’t offer commentary allowing you to soak it in without having millions of opinions.

Armchair Expert with Dax Sheppard

Whenever I listen to a show of Armchair Expert, I am always in awe with how self-aware Dax Sheppard is. Not just about himself but his guests too. He delves deep into his own past but also gets guests like Kate Hudson and his wife Kristen Bell open up about their past and their journeys of self-discovery. He unpacks how they become they are in front of him and it is fascinating to listen too.  I am often life feeling like I am part of an intense beautiful conversation between friends. He hosts it with his friend Monica Padman and their relationship is truly beautiful to hear. I really hope they tour the UK so I can watch the show live.

Football, Feminism and everything in between

As someone who is very close to her father, I really enjoy the dynamic between Alistair Campbell and his daughter Grace. I often go from talking about music to talking about the Ottoman Empire in the space of a few minutes with my own father so I love that they combine both feminism and football and talk about both topics with guests such as Joey Barton, Julie Guillard, and Ed Milliband.

Talking Tastebuds

I adore the host of Talking Tastebuds Venetia Falconer. She is a babe and her podcast is so pure and honest. You can tell she is genuinely interested in everyone she interviews. She talks about saving the planet, eat plants and re-wearing old clothes with her guests as they open up about their relationships with food. She interviews health specialists such as Dr. Rangan Chatterjee and Anita Mitra the Gyne Geek as well the wonderful Fleur De Force and Aja Baber, all of which are equally valuable and interesting. I learn a lot about wellbeing and saving the planet from Ven and her podcast is an extension of this education.

Happy Place

Opening up about mental health is never easy but Fearne Cotton has created a safe place for people like Ellie Goulding, Reggie Yates, Hilary Clinton (yes, THAT Hilary Clinton), and Russel Brand to talk about their experiences with Mental Health and in turn the impact of being in the public life. Each tale is precious and makes us really see how mental health affects everyone regardless of gender, race or sexuality. Yes, there is more conversation around the matter but more needs to be to break the stigmas attached to talking about Mental Health.

The Diary of a CEO

In another life I would own my own business. Who knows, maybe one day I will but currently, I am living vicariously through listening to Steven and his podcast Diary of a CEO. He gets real about what it takes to be the CEO of your own business. He talks about being broke, the impact of having money and navigating relationships when your passions take precedence in your life. Think being an Entrepreneur is fancy and something everyone is made for? This will make you think twice.

Sold in America

This was hard to listen too but also very interesting and I was hooked. Created by Journalist Noor Tagouri Noor takes us on her investigation into the sex trade within America. She interviews authority figures, sex workers and others about the dangers these women (predominately) face, what is being done to help them regain their human rights and why sex trafficking still takes place in the US. I studied Sex Trafficking in school so this really interested me. It has just the right amount of disgust and intrigue in my opinion.

Which podcasts have you been listening too recently? Let me know!


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