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26th November 2020 by naffy

Buying books Now, I am going to preface this by saying, where I purchase my books very much depends on my budget but it is nice to know there are options for purchasing books, away from the ordinary or immediate options, here are some of my favourites places to shop around when I am on a bit of a book hunt. 


I adore Hive. Often Described as the ethical version of Amazon, It has every book you may want to purchase on the site. Proceeds from each purchase go to a local independent bookshop. I have always been impressed when I have used Hive and it is my second go to when I look for to add to my bookshelf. 


I love the fact supermarkets stock books. I think it makes it more accessible as you can pick up a good read during your weekly shop. I’ve been very impressed with the books supermarkets have to offer. They usually have deals such as 3 for £20 and stock all the latest releases. I also find the books with not one special offer are either cheaper or the same price as if you would look online. 

 West End Lane Books

Not the cheapest but perhaps the most special place I have purchased a book from this year is West End Lane Books. The service is lovely and they also have signed copies at the same price as you would normally purchase the book for. I purchased a signed copy Coming Undone from Terri White here over the phone and it was one of the most special purchases I own. My only regret is that I haven’t gotten to visit the store in person this year. 

When the second lockdown was announced the book community pooled together and create A one-stop-shop for all your book needs. The proceeds go towards keeping the independent book industry alive. They have teamed up with some of my favourite writers who created curated lists of the books they have read recently and are special to them. Read more about the initiative here

Oxfam Books 

One of the things I have missed this year is going into an Oxfam bookshop and browsing what they have. I have been to a few in London and I always come out with at least one book usually under £2 but prices vary slightly. The books are in good condition and they have a very wide selection of titles to choose from. The reason I like these stores, in particular, is because they are literally set up like a bookshop. All the books are separated into different genres and there is a large variety for you to browse. I know shops are a no-go right now but they have an online store which is the next best thing. The only thing is as it is a charity shop you can’t expect them to have every book in stock so maybe come prepared with a list of books you are hunting down so you can search for them. 


The story behind the book, where you get it from how it reaches you is part of a journey and for me makes the reading experience that much more special. As I said at the beginning where I personally purchase books does depend on my budget so I am not judging you from where you get your books from. Regardless of where you purchase a book, the main thing is you are reading. It is something which gives me immense joy so to know it does that for others makes me smile. Just know there are options for where you can pick up your next read. Happy reading.

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