To celebrate or not to celebrate…

20th October 2011 by naffy

This is the question right? I am talking about the death of Colonel Gadaffi today. It hasn’t been as big in terms of public opinions compared to the death of Osama Bin Laden. The question is still there though. The theme that is still there. Is it justifiable ti celebrate his death.
My view? Personally, i wont celebrate or mourn his death. He was a cruel person sure and he caused a lot of people harm. At the end of the day however he still remains a father and a wife to someone. Imagine how you would feel if the person you loved died and their death was being celebrated. I will never condone his actions (if you follow me on twitter or Facebook you will know i am not a fan of him) that does not mean however that i plan to celebrate his death.
On a slightly different point.,I can understand why the people of Libya would, they have the freedom and democracy they were fighting for and that is amazing and wonderful and i only hope for good things for them. I am sure i will be writing about there new developments once they come to light.

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