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14th May 2018 by naffy

IMG_2309 Copy of Exploring London-3 IMG_2309 This week is mental health awareness week and recently, there has been a lot talk about the need to speak out. Speaking from experience, I know how difficult it can be for anyone to talk about their mental health struggles. It took me a while to talk to anyone and to open to people but when I did, it really made a difference. As daunting as it was, it made it easier. If you are struggling to talk about anything at all, please know you are not alone and there are plenty of ways to reach out to friends, families or services which could help you. Here are some ways which may help you reach out in a way which seems less daunting and less vulnerable.

Online Forums

Services such as Beat and Mind have online forums and helplines which you can speak to someone through your laptop. Often a good first step is typing out your feelings asking for help, rather than having a face to face conversation.

Telephone Conversation

I think people can under estimate the value of a phone conversation. Around October I was going through a bit of a bad time. Normally, this would result me in going inside myself and bottling up my feelings which would just inflate any feelings of anxiety I may have. I noticed the signs and this time instead of just pretending everything was ok, overtime I called my parents, I was honest about how I was feeling.  I literally went from someone who never cried to my parents to someone who cried almost two times a day over the phone to them. I am not saying you have to speak to your parents but ringing someone you trust and when they ask you how your day was being able to say you know what it was quite bad actually can make the absolute world of difference.


I believe everyone should have therapy during their life. The clarity it can bring you is priceless. It can be incredibly valuable to have someone who doesn’t know you give you listening to you and offering you practical, logical solutions when you are ready to hear them.


When I am trying to figuring things out but I am not ready to share it with anyone I find being creative really helps me. I will either write, film a video, be creative in a way which will allow me to express my feelings one way or another without sharing it with anyone.

I have used a combination of the above at various stages of my life to figure how I am feeling or to explain to others what is going on in my head and I hope by sharing it with you, it will help you on your own mental health journeys.

If you are struggling with your mental health, please know you are not alone. There are services and people out there. willing to help. If you ever need someone to offload on too, I am an only email away.

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