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2nd September 2019 by naffy

September reset I always find September to be a good time to do a little stock intake on how the year has gone so far and reevaluate the goals we may have had at the start of the year. A little reset if you will. It has taken a little trial and error but here are some ways in which you can reset and make the most of what it is left for 2019. 

Realign with your goals

Be aware that things can change. Eight months is a long time and things can change rapidly. You can change tremendously as an over during that time. Over the past couple of years, I have started the year in one city and ended it in another, I have changed jobs and more. Life is unpredictable and taking stock and seeing how the changes align with your goals or how you can adapt your goals to fit how your life is currently.

Start that one thing you have been planning to do

This can be anything from starting that online course you’ve been meaning to get a start on or it could be spending the day booking in your appointments such as going to the dentist, going to the bank, etc. We often let things get in the way of starting something new (often fear) so use the rest of the year to take the plunge.

Block in some you time.

We can often forget the impact making time for yourself can have on you. I spent a large part of my twenties, feeling guilty if I spent time watching a TV, reading a book or just taking time for myself so to counter this I block in time on my schedule to fit these things in. That way I have things in my diary to look forward too but also stops me from feeling the guilt that can seep through when I am doing something fun.

Change up your surroundings

Some people like changing up their house or rooms seasonally so use September as an exude to bring the candles back out of storage, the moody lighting, and some fresh bedding. There is something to be said to have a physical representation of your September reset.

Ok so that ended up being four but they are all part of my personal reset for the month.

Do you do have an annual reset when September? Let me know if you have any tips on how to reset this month.

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