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Three ways to donate your clothes

23rd May 2019 by naffy

Autumn Fashion As the new season arrive, we are getting inundated with new season fashions left right and centre. This usually comes with a wardrobe clearout where clothes end up in the bin which let us be honest, is not the best thing for the environment. One of the more sustainable ways to clearout your wardrobe is by donating them, so here are three ways to donate your clothes this spring summer.

Love not Landfill 

Love not landfill is an initiative I discovered recently. It is a campaign which wants to encourage young Londoners to donate their unwanted clothes to charity, put them in clothes banks, swap them, borrow them and buy second-hand. It is co-funded by EU Life and London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB), and is part of the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) project. It is a great campaign. They have clothing banks all across the city and often hold events where you can either just donate to the clothes banks or swap items with other attendees.

Charity Shops 

Sometimes clothes no longer fit us or we are just not making the most out of them for whatever reason. When this happens, it is time to let them go to charity shops. This way they can get a new home and you know they will be looked after. If you’re in London, Traid is a good option too donate too but honestly, there are many charities out there you can share with. Back in my home town, we have been donating clothes to charities which distribute them to disadvantaged children or refugees.

Clothes Swap 

We are human and sometimes we like to sprinkle something new in our wardrobes. Usually, when this happens we are inclined to go on a bit of a shopping spree and end up buying more than we need. A good way to curb this is call up your girlfriends, grab some yummy snacks and arrange a clothes swap. It sounds airy-fairy but you’re being sustainable and spending time with your favourite people so everyone wins.

How do you donate clothes? Let me know


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