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Three ways to look after your teeth today | Review

13th March 2018 by naffy

Oral Health Carbon Coco As you may know I have an obsession with looking after my teeth. It’s something which in recent years I’ve been slacking on but still important to me and my way of living. I pride myself on being able to look after my teeth well and thought I would share three ways to look after your teeth today.

Use a whitening toothpaste

I drink a lot of tea which is why using something like the Carbon Coco charcoal toothpaste helps to keep my teeth from getting stained. A key thing we often forget is make sure the toothpaste also looks at the health of your gums and teeth too. Another favourite toothpaste of mine is the Colgate whitening toothpaste as I notice a difference in my teeth AND I know they are being looked after.

Straw it up

If you are someone who is prone to staining to their teeth, using a straw is a good way to reduce the impact drinking tea coffee can have on your teeth. I cannot say I do this often but this is something I am going to try more off especially after visiting the dentists.


Most people under estimate the value of a good mouthwash. Up until I was in university I didn’t think it was something I personally needed either. I was wrong. Mouthwash goes the extra mile you miss if you just brush your teeth twice a day. Again you can ones which are formulated to help work on the stains of your teeth. I usually grab any of the alcohol free ones from Colgate or Oral B which are on offer at the time.

Along with brushing my teeth twice a day these steps, may sound like super simple steps to help the look and over all health of your teeth but I get asked a lot about my teeth and this is what all do. Nothing fancy or particularly out there.

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