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Three ways to invest in yourself | Review

19th February 2018 by naffy

School of greatness Online Courses School of greatness It is true what they say, you never stop learning. Be it in school, at work or just working on yourself, we are constantly learning. I have learnt during my twenties, in particular, the importance of investing in yourself. From personal development to how to be efficient in the workplace. The more people I speak too, the more I have found out I am not the only one. I also wish I discovered these three ways to invest in yourself s a little earlier so I had more of time to soak it all up.

Online Courses 

In 2016, I was lucky enough to do the Social Media Marketing Course with The Shaw Academy through work and fell in love with online learning. I won’t lie, the courses full price put me off, however they do go on sale and you can get some great deals on groupon. This year, I took advantage of the start of 2018 sale on Udemy and grabbed five course. Udemy has every course available from personal development to how to be a writer. You can preview the courses so you can see if it will be for you. I panic bought them as I was afraid I would miss the deadline but if you sign up to their newsletter they often have sales under £15 per course.


You all know my love for podcasts especially ones which help you grow as a person. Some of my favourites ones to listen too  are The School of Greatness, Wannabe Podcast, Hashtag Authentic, Fit and Fearless and Feel Better, Live More. Be warned, if you listen to them in the evening be prepared to stay awake due to a boost in inspiration.


Since moving to London, I have taken advantage of the wonderful events which take place in the city. All my favourite content creators, authors, colleagues and industry thought leaders hold events here. You can learn a lot just from being in the same room as the people who inspire you sharing their wisdom. You often meet likeminded people and you come back learning a lot or at the very least feeling inspired. You do have to pay to attend a couple of them but prices can be as low as £3.


How do you invest in yourself? These are quite big things you can do but you can do other things such as small self care exercises, meditation, even organisation can be forms of investing in yourself.

Photo Credit: Christy Ku.
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