Conscious Consumption

Three ways to be conscious consumer

3rd April 2019 by naffy

Conscious Consumption Conscious Consumption I can’t say I have ever been an over-spender. I didn’t grow up being materialistic or giving two cahoots about what I was wearing. Those tendencies came when I went to university and was in charge of my own life a little more. While I have always been a little bit of a conscious consumer, I will admit, I didn’t really think too deeply about the effects of what I was consuming, whether that was in the shop down the road or on my phone. Here are three ways we can all be more conscious consumers. 

Create a one in and one out policy

We do not need fifty pairs of skinny jeans. One or two at a time is more than enough. Once you find the right skinny jean for you, buy one of them and only replace them when you really need too. Jeans tend to last a lot longer than we may realise.

Look into the material

When we buy jeans or jumpers we don’t always look into what they are made from. The higher the durability the higher the cost per wear will be. The same goes books, bags, shoes anything really even pens. Be resourceful. Do research behind the products you are planning to invest in. It will open your mind and make you more mindful the next time you walk along the high street.

Schedule in time

This is more to do with digital consumption. It is very easy to get consumed by social media. I say this as someone who effectively works in the space. I often find myself sitting on my bed, thinking I will have a scroll for a couple of minutes. Next thing I know, 30 minutes have gone by. I know I am not the only one. How do we change this? By allocating screen time. That can be on your commute or during your lunch break, whenever suits you. Allocating times during the day to read through your feed and converse with people on social media will make a huge difference.

All the above may sound simple and self-explanatory and you would be right they are, which begs the question, why haven’t you done this yet?

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