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Three TV Shows that have me hooked | Life

2nd March 2018 by naffy

Whats on Netflix For someone who genuinely loves TV shows, I actually do not get to watch too much of it and often when I do, I end up doing so alongside writing something or other. With that being said, I have really gotten into some TV series lately that you need to indulge in this weekend.

How To Get Away With Murder 

Season Three of HTGWM arrived on Netflix this month and I literally wept in delight. I watched the first two seasons way back in September and have not been able to find anything that is as gripping or well written as this. I finished two seasons in the space of days so be warned, you may want to carve out your entire weekend to binge watch this. The multi dimensional characters are played beautifully and effortlessly.If you like Scandal and Grays Anatomy, you will know Shonda Rhymes is a genius, her latest show is no exception.

The Good Place 

This is one of the more cleverly written sitcoms I have come across. First of all, I love that each episodes are just 20 – 25 minutes long which means I watch it during dinner without feeling like its s taking too much time. It is also an easy watch and something you can dip in an out off. The show centres around a group of men and women who have passed away and gone to what they believe is “The Good Place” Why I say this is cleverly written is because while it may not seem like it, you learn about human behaviour and the repercussions of our actions.


Another Netflix show which has me hooked. Friday nights are reserved for catching up on Dynasty and Riverdale. Based on a eighties tv show, Dynasty follows the Carrington family exploiting the lives of the rich and bureaucrats. It has the glitz and glamour of Gossip Girl but the captivation of Revenge. Just when you think you have the characters sussed, they do something which surprises you which I love. The characters much like the ones in HTGWM, are multi dimensional which I adore.

Bonus show: Celebs Go Dating 

This was a surprise as I tend to stay away from reality TV shows like this but I do have to admit, there are a couple which peak my interest such as Made in Chelsea. The reason celebs goes dating caught my interest is because I noticed Sam Thompson was in the series which peaked my interest. One episode in and I was hooked, so much so during the two days it is not on TV I have legitimate withdrawal symptoms.

It is safe to say with this lot, my TV addiction is alive and kicking. Let me know if you have watched any of the above and which shows you have been hooked too this month.

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