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28th June 2017 by naffy

London Commute Over the past three years, I have survived a range of morning commutes, from walking, taking the bus and more recently being fortunate enough to catching the tube. With that in mind, I thought I would share Three tips for your morning commute.

Walk if you can

I always find walking even part way helps me to feel fresh and alert when I walk in the office. I wake up at 06:00am so the fresh air would rejuvenate me and get me pumped for the day ahead.

Make use of the time

Have a 20 minute bus ride? or like me an half an hour tube journey? use the time as effectively as possible. When I was in Leeds, I would use the commute home as me time after the day of work. I would switch off from the world and just read for twenty minutes. Now on the tube if it is not too packed I will do this, if it is packed I will listen to a podcast.

The next one is around the corner

This one is more specifically to do with the tube but you can use it for other frequent modes of public transport. When you are met with a packed tube or get to the platform as one leaves the station there is no need to panic or get anxious. Take a step back, relax and wait for the next one. During my first week catching the central line at the end of the working day was hectic. One day I had to wait for a few carriages to go past before there was room for me to get on board. If this is that has happened to you, it can be overwhelming. The thing to remember is that there will be another one coming right to you in a couple of minutes. You will still get to where you need to be in good time. In fact, If there is a packed tube chances are I will take a step back and wait for the next one to come along.

And there you have it, a couple of tips for your morning commute. How do you commute to work? Let me know!

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