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19th March 2019 by naffy

Autumn Fashion I have never been someone who is frivolous when it comes to wearing and purchasing clothes. I am a big outfit repeater and generally wear out my clothes. I get it from my dad, it is the way I have been brought up. Aside from Primark, I didn’t really delve into the world of online fast fashion. Over the past year, I realised the importance of being more mindful with the clothing items we have which is why I want to share three tips for buying less clothing.

Repair rips and tears

The heels on your boot broken? get them re-heeled. If a button on your jumper falls off, sew a new button on rather than buy a whole new jumper. Fixing clothes will give them a new lease on life. By fixing them you can get at least a few extra years out of your favourite jumper or jeans.

Work- around your staples

I have this one black dress (which is actually a hand me up from my sister ) which I can wear two and three times a week without anyone caring. The reason? I swap up the headscarf or the jumper and shoes I wear with it and in essence, create fresh outfits using one dress.


Need a dress for a special occasion? There is nothing more frustrating than having to purchase an outfit you know you will only wear once. Luckily, you have an alternative. You can rent your outfit for how long you need it instead. You can do this for special black tie events or student themed nights out. I know men do this with suits and tux’s all the time but it is rarely talked about when it comes to women and their clothing but you can do this whatever the occasion.

Do you have any tips for buying fewer clothes? Let me know in the comments.

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