Things to unlearn

Three things I need to unlearn

25th March 2019 by naffy

Things to unlearn Three things to unlearn Things to unlearn I was listening to this podcast by Steven Bartlett last week. In it, he talks about the importance of not just learning things but also unlearning things. You know those nasty little personality traits we all have and that may affect us and our life. It really resonated with me and as a list maker, I thought I would make a little list of the things I need to unlearn.

I need to please everyone

If you know me, you know I have this compulsion to make everyone around me happy. If I disappoint someone or let someone down, I literally tear myself up over it and stew over it for days and days. Logically, I know you cannot please everyone and often when you have an opinion, there will be someone who will not like it and you know what, that is ok.

There is such a thing as a dream career

I grew up thinking there was such a thing as a dream career and I have spent a lifetime on a quest to find it. What I am finding instead is that you can have many careers or many hobbies which can present themselves in a career. I am learning, you can switch and change avenues as your life progresses and you develop as a person. You can love what you do and enjoy your career and even feel lucky to have the job you do but that doesn’t mean it is your ‘dream’ career.

You can do it on your own

I grew up thinking I was independent, strong and in turn, didn’t need anyone to lean on in life. I am here to say that is very stupid and stubborn of me. Yes, I am strong and independent, but there are times when as humans we need each other and that is ok. It isn’t a sign of weakness or that you cannot do it on your own but sometimes a little help makes the world of difference and we all need that from time to time. This year, in particular, I am learning the importance of letting people in and actually saying, you know what I could use your help. Being there for each other brings you closer together.

The rest of my list is wrapped up in a book but it really made me think about the power of mindset and how shifting your focus and really help with your personal development and growth.

Which three things do you need to unlearn?

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