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29th November 2019 by naffy

iga-palacz-vugRVDPQo5c-unsplash Yes, it is incredibly inviting to hibernate in the winter during the weekend and yes I get it, trust me. I love nothing more than curling up on the bed with a warm drink, some comforting snacks and watching a film. but there is something beautiful about getting out in the cold and feeling the fresh cold air against your skin. So sit up get up and get ready to make the most out of this weekend.

Early evenings

For me, there is something special about walking around at 4:00pm after the sun has gone down and the pretty lights open up the street. It creates a magical atmosphere that only happens during this time of year. Especially in London, visiting Oxford Street or Covent Garden this time of year really makes me happy. The way the streets are lit up and the place remains alive into the night feels special. You see people who are on holiday, coming off a shift from work and doing Christmas shopping and you get to witness those moments that only happen this time of year.

Winter Activities

From Ice Skating to trips to the Cinema followed by a warm festive drink with a walk and catch up with a friend there many budget-friendly things you can do during the winter. I have to admit I have make more use out of living in London. I really am spoilt from Ice Rinks and winter festivals to visit. The city (like many others in the UK and around the world) really does come alive at this time of year. Have a Google and see what winter activities are going on in your local areas. If all else fails, if you are a film fan, this time of year is rife with amazing quality films and there is something special about the warmth of a cinema during the winter.


If you are reading this you are fortunate and in a better position than others in society. For those less fortunate winters can come with its own complications. The lack of food and shelter can be more fatal than ever during these months. Walking around London in particular really breaks my heart as there is poverty all around. There are soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and other such organisations all looking for help in some form or another so if you find yourself with some free time and want to help out see what these organisations are doing in your area and get stuck in.

There is nothing wrong with staying in. Trust me I love nothing more than a night in with Gilmore Girls but it is nice to mix it up every now and then too.

What gets you out in the cold during the winter?

Photo by Alex on Unsplash
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