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Three practical ways to be the best version of yourself | Lifestyle

5th August 2019 by naffy

being the best version of you We are often told to be the “best version of yourself” work to our best abilities and all those cliches you see seen thrown around but what does that actually look like? How can you make sure you are working at your most optimum to suit both you and your personal life?

Are you a morning person or an evening person.

Figuring out if you work best in the morning or the evening is a good place to start when you’re figuring out how to be efficient and effective. For example, I know I am at my best in the morning. I am alert and quite frankly, I just feel more energised. So I make sure I start my day right. This means I wake up a little earlier than I need too so I can work on this blog or do some other tasks I need to give my all.

Other people work best in the evenings, that is great too if it works for you. If you’re worried about waking something up with an email, there are programs available in which you can schedule them to be sent in the morning at a more sociable time or also when you’re sending let them know you don’t expect them to action anything, respond straight away. (This works particularly well if you’re a project manager or a managing a team as the person receiving your email will be grateful for having permission to not reply instantly)

Make use of your lull period.

By this, I mean, figure out when you hit than traditional afternoon slump we all speak about. It affects us all at different times and we all respond to it differently. If you have the luxury of working from home, you can schedule in a recharging nap or use that time period to do the tasks which do not require your full concentration. I tend to use this time to do chores if I am around the house. Go through some emails I need to sort through, go for a walk to freshen a little bit if I am at work. Being conscious of this is new to me but effective and looking at these patterns has proven to be very fruitful and quite frankly, if you’re anything like me, will stop you feeling like you’re lazy. For example, I have learned I need a decent lunch break. I am much more productive in the afternoon with it. If I work through lunch it can I miss out on that recharge we all need at some point during the day.


How do you respond to things? When a situation you were not expecting arises at work or at home, How do you react? Is there something in the way you were given the news that impacted your reaction? Maybe it was the person who gave you the news? Once you understand this and link it to how others work you will be prepared for your reaction and can react accordingly. For example, If your colleague naturally talks in a certain way in which you are not prepared for. ie, they come across a little harsh or a little abrupt but that is just their manner. (They are not actually just rude just in work mode or just a person of few words) Or someone just rubs you up the wrong way and causes a negative reaction in you. (We are human and this can happen) Noticing this allows you to put your personal feelings aside for focus on the information they are relaying to you. I also found this helps keep you in a positive headspace in general.

I still have a lot to learn and as I am moving towards actioning things in my life, I feel like I am learning more and more each day. It is important to note everyone works differently and in the world we live in at the moment, there has never been a more appropriate time to be able to take charge of how we work and put steps in place accordingly. That to me, is actually the tricky part. The analysis of yourself is the easy bit.

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