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8th August 2019 by naffy

Bank holiday At the start of the year, I remember my mother telling me, “Don’t be spending all your holidays just coming to visit us at home” and while I haven’t really taken her advice yet, because well I actually like going home. With a bank holiday around the corner, it did get me thinking. where else would I want to spend my annual leave? It turns out the answer was a lot closer to home than I realised.


You know when you visit a place and you instantly know you want it to be your forever home? That is how I feel about Brighton. There is something quite soothing about being in the seaside town which is hard to explain. Whether you’re walking through the lanes or grabbing doughnuts on the beach there is something special about the people there, the atmosphere which I just can’t find anywhere else. I could spend every bank holiday here.


I always hear people say how amazing the Scottish city but have yet to visit. I think I am going to save this for a winter weekend as there is something quite idyllic about visiting Edinborough when it nice and cold so you can warm up walking around the shops with a hot chocolate.


Mainly because I want to live out my Lizzie McGuire fantasy but aside from that, as someone who appreciates history there is something very intriguing about Rome. The architecture looks beautiful and the buildings are full of stories of years gone past. I would love to go off the beaten path and find the history in places you can’t find on the first page of a Google search.

Cost-wise, this is obviously one to save up for but tickets for a long weekend are not unreasonable and there is also an option to go via Eurostar. Depending on the tickets I would say it is potentially cheaper to what you would pay for a long weekend in  London.

I am actually going to be at a retreat this bank holiday but after that, I think we all have our next few bank holidays sorted.

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