Vegan Place to eat in manchester

Three Places To Eat In Manchester

27th December 2017 by naffy

Vegan Place to eat in manchester Evelyn's Cafe Bar I’ve spent the holiday season up North with friends and family. Manchester is home and will always have my heart and I was excited to be able to catch up with my nearest and dearest at some of my favourite places to eat in Manchester.

Evelyn Cafe 

I first went to Evelyn’s cafe last year and I have to say, first and foremost, it is a Instgrammers dream. The place is decorated beautifully and the food is incredible. I’ve only eaten there for dinner but it is a great place to go for brunch on a Sunday too.


My friend Gemma introduced me to this place and I could not be more thankful. There were many delicious vegan treats to choose from including this incredible brownie. I couldn’t decide what to have so I ended up having the Avocado on Toast with pickled onion and mixed seeds on top and took a vegan brownie to go. I know it is the most difficult of dishes but it truly was one of the best Avocado on Toast I have had the fortune to eat.

It is also a great place to work if you are freelancer or work from home as it is inviting and has a great energy about it which I enjoy.

Comptoir Libanais 

I have spoken about this place before but Comptoir Libansais is great for lunch, dinner or a small snack. If you like Mediterranean and Lebanese food this is the place to go. The hummus is divine, the Tagine is one of m favourite dishes and the wraps are incredibly filling. They have establishments across the UK so there may be one near to you and it is definitely worth venturing in too.

I could go on but I feel like these are my current favourite places to eat in the city when I want something light but delicious. There is something at each place for everyone so perfect with people who may have dietary restrictions without compromising on the taste.

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