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Three Modest Fashion Instagram accounts to Follow | Fashion

30th November 2018 by naffy

IMG_1507 IMG_1520 IMG_1528 Recently, I have been wanting to experiment with my style which is why I like most other people have taken to Instagram to get some inspiration but as a muslim and someone who wears a headscarf, it can be hard to not just find inspiration but ones you can relate you and actually see yourself recreating. I did some digging on Instagram (of course) and came across three beautiful Modest Fashion Instagram accounts.

Hajra – Hajra_aaa

The lovely Hajra is the reason I came up with the idea of this blogpost. We have a bit of a similar sense of style and I am often going to her page to see how she puts together outfits. In particular I like seeing how she styles items I am not the most conformable in dealing with. She really shows you how you can take wardrobe stables and create stunning outfits.

Mariam Khan – mariammoufid

What has struck me about Mariam’s feed is the versatility of her outfits. Some are more casual than others. She has outfits in everything from jeans, dresses, skirts to loungewear. It reminds me to have fun in my style and how I can change things up slightly.

Umayma Abdul – Umaymaaabdul

Predominately, Umayma posts beauty content which is still stunning but I adore the outfits she puts together too. If you like a quick no fuss but still look put together outfits, this is your girl. She creates achievable looks you can actually get get inspiration from and recreate with items you already have in your closet.

There are not many fashion Instagram accounts I follow where I feel I can actually recreate the outfits but each of these accounts are a great way to get inspiration for modest yet beautiful modest outfits which you can actually put together yourself without having to overthink it.

Do you have any fashion Instagram accounts which makes you feel like that?



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