mistakes i made in my twenties

Three Mistakes I Made in My Twenties | Life

13th July 2018 by naffy

IMG_2309 Copy of Exploring London-3 IMG_2309 Don’t panic, I am still in my twenties but I wanted to do this post and share with you my experiences of entering what I thought would be theist few years of my life. As life does I was hit with more than a few curve balls and my twenties while it hasn’t all be bad, it has been all sunshine and roses either. Which is why I wanted to share three mistakes I made in twenties.

Keeping things to myself

I will be honest, this has been a lifelong problem I have and something I am actively working on. Growing up I always kept my true feelings about things to myself. This carried on into my twenties and it was during this time it started to cause me problems. You see life is a rollercoaster and and if you bottle up the lows there will come a time when it take over and there will be a scars which need to be worked on. Keeping things to myself led to my anxiety come to fruition and affected my eating both of which (thanks to therapy) I can now manage but it took a lot of a time for me to get here.

Not Travelling

I wish I travelled more. I know I still have time but I really wish I started saving up and doing bits of travel here and there in my early twenties. Due to the the above point my mind was pre occupied and I missed out. It is not all lost though and I plan to make up for it.

Focusing too much on what people think about me

I have always been ambitious so when I left university and it took me longer than I imagine to get a paid job really affected me. I was the person to graduate from my family and I think I put pressure on myself to have this big fancy job so I could help my parents out with the house. When I realised this wasn’t happen I carried around this feeling of failure. I remember telling people what I was up too and I could feel the disappointment in their voices which really affected me and in turn my perception of myself. I went in to a period of self loathing which is the wrong thing to do. I have since learned the thing which I need to do focus on is being happy within myself. I recently went home for a few days and was told I looked radiant. While yes this could be thanks to the sun and of skincare routine but ultimately I was in a good mood and happy within myself and it showed.

Remember your twenties are not there to have everything figured out, they are there too help you find yourself and grow so don’t be afraid to make a couple of mistakes. I promise you it is those mistakes which will shape who you are as a person.


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