films to watch in your twenties

Three films to watch in your twenties

2nd August 2019 by naffy

films to watch in your twenties Films have a way of connecting with us in different ways depending on which stage in your life you watch them. These are three films I have watched many times some but the message really resonated with me during my twenties.

Legally Blonde 

When I originally watched Legally Blonde, I wasn’t aware of the significance it would hold for women everywhere. I watched it again recently and there is something powerful about seeing Elle discover who she is and the journey she goes on in chasing her dreams for her and not some guy who isn’t worth her time is powerful.  Being comfortable within yourself is something more women in their twenties search for.

Little Women

Ah for the love of Jo March is there a time a woman’s life where Little Women is not significant? Quick answer, probably not. Through Jo, we all learn the importance of carving our own path and not letting others dictate the way your life will go.

You also see the characteristics of the other sisters the eldest Meg, the formidable Amy and the kind-hearted darling that is Beth and how each of them is different yet strong in their own way.

The sisterhood of traveling pants 2 

Friendship in your twenties changes dramatically and this film is a great way of showing how life means you have to work at keeping your friendships alive especially during your twenties. The reason I chose the second installment specifically, is because the second film sees the girls trying to figure out the next stage of their lives after graduation school and starting college and how they try to navigate their friendship through this.  (Also, you get a little Jesse Williams cameo, just saying.)

I would also add, we all have those films which just make us feel happy and safe. For me, these are usually films light-hearted films with a nice ending like Always Be Mine or How to lose a guy in 10 days. Whatever film that is for you, keep them handy, there will be times when you have had a long heavy day and instead of wanting to figure things out you just want to get lost in the story of a film.

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