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21st April 2017 by naffy

IMG_4688 IMG_4691 After three months of living on my own in a strange new city, is single handedly one of the most anxious, best and crazy moments of my life so far. I feel like there are many things which happened over these months which made me realise a lot about myself. It reminded me of my time at university. I know a lot of these things are not unique to me by any means and wanted to share some of the things you learn when you live alone.

The slot of loneliness

No matter how independent you are, the moment you come in to the house after being away at your family house, there will be this spring of loneliness. There is level of eeriness to the quiet. The time this last can vary depending on how long you have been away for, if there is someone in the house and just how your mood is at the time. I realised I notice the feeling for the first 10 minutes, acknowledge it is there and then move on. It soon subsides and is very normal to experience.

Online shopping/ orders/ post can be a nightmare

Now I rarely do online shopping, however whenever I receive a package I am often not in. I am out of the house for 12 hours at a time due to work so if I receive a package I have to get it redelivered. This took some adjusting too especially as a blogger. If you do not live near a PO depo and work from 9-6, you will understand my pain. Now I make sure if there is a click/ collect option to take up this offer. It makes my life a lot more easier.

You are stronger than you give yourself credit

In the time I have lived on my own I have set up my own studio lights, fixed a bulb, make sure I have meals to eat and little things I use to take for granted when I lived with my parents. I always knew how to do them but there is something satisfying about actually doing it yourself and looking back to admire the work you have done.

Doing things for one is hard!

I come from a big family so my house has always been full on laundry and we have been blessed with plentiful meals. Living on your own means the laundry is not always knee high and cooking for one means lots of freezing of meals so food does not go to waste.

As anyone who lives on their own will tell you, there are pros and cons to having your own space. Like everything in life, it is a learning curve but an exciting one. If you about to embark on this journey yourself, embrace it wholeheartedly and watch a new world unfold before your eyes.

  • Ursula
    26th April 2017 / Reply

    Yup there are highs and lows to living by yourself! From dorm life to living by myself w/ my son to moving back to your Moms, I experienced the highs and low but now working on moving out again!