The Wreck My Dress Experience

23rd May 2013 by naffy

Hey lovelies, for today’s post I wanted to talk about something that is quite cool and different. Most young girls (I say most because not all girls do) planning their ideal wedding scenarios in their heads. From what kind of dress they would like to wear to the type of venue.

Why am I talking this? well I was invited go along to a press day for the launch of a company called Wreck My Dress and I was completely hooked.

Wreck my dress is so creative and can be so many things depending on what you want that it can be quite hard to explain in words what it actually is.

Essentially, it is a service based in the most stunning location in Manchester which people can book. The main idea is that you go with a idea for a photo shoot or video in your chosen dress and the wonderful people at Wreck My Dress make it happen.

The ideas can be anything from subtle to the extreme crazy. The ones that we were shown ranged from filming wedding proposals to a full on stunt action show. People have made videos as presents and even taken photographs in wrecking their dresses as a way of cleansing themselves from any difficulties they have at the time.

The creativity that goes behind this is forever evolving and is genuinely one of the most creative projects I have seen. If you an idea even if it does not include a dress they can cater for it.

As part of the package you get treated to what can only be described amazing first class from breakfast to having your make up and hair done by the absolute best.

The entire team are professionals who have been in the industry for a very long time. So you can trust they know what they are doing.

Cassie Lomas for example has worked in the make up industry for years and done make up for stars such as Colleen Rooney and Demi Lovato as well as having her establishing her own make up academy.

Simon Clemenger, one of the photographers has worked alongside Cheryl Cole and Kelly Rowland to name a few. I could go on but I am going to let the videos and the pictures for themselves. Trust me, they will leave you with goosebumps.

This is perfect for anything from a 18th birthday present or a wedding gift for your partner to be.

These were photos of the photo shoot taking place as we were being showed around. The theme was playing cards and the different personalities of the woman shown through them. Absolutely brilliant! 

Trust me these pictures do not do these works of art justice. They are some of the most beautiful things I have seen.

The location was one of the nicest places I have had the fortune of seeing in Manchester. It has the feeling of a luxury apartment.

This video is absolutely beautiful. I was genuinely left awestruck

Will you giving wreck my dress a go?

Lots of love

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