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4th October 2015 by naffy
October has officially begun and it has bought the cold and crispy morning with it. This week started out with me worrying about clothes! Our laundry machine has broken and with that came with me running out of clothes to wear for work and out of options on what to wear for Olympia Beauty the following weekend (The weekend you are reading this.) 
That aside, the week has been quite pleasant. It started off with last Sunday being my best friends baby shower. It was a lovely afternoon where I got to celebrate one of the most important people in my life with all our other friends and family. There was lots of cakes and goodies we snacked on too. Work has gone well and we managed to delve in to projects which is exciting. 
My evenings have become a lot more busier than I anticipated. On Tuesday I ventured in to Manchester to take a look at the new Neals Yard Flagship store on Kings Street. It has to be one of the most beautiful stores I have come across. Neal’s Yard is a brand whose ethos I absolutely adore and it is a place I will be visiting again. 
I had a lack of lists this week, making it a bit more harder for me to stay organised. I really am such a list person. I make at 10 lists a day. (I would like to say this is an exaggeration but it really isn’t. 
For those of you who are not following me on Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, this weekend I am in London. I love how vibrant this city is so full of life, innovative ideas and a huge dose of talent. I did have some anxiety about travelling which I was not expecting.  I think in my head I built up that I needed to do a lot of things to do before I was able to leave and that made me slightly uneasy. 
Next week I plan to regroup a little bit. I had a cold for most of the week which is finally gone so I can get my strength back. 
Hope you all have had a great week, Let me know what you have been doing. Did you do anything exciting? 

PS – Incase you missed it this is the make up I have been loving throughout the week. 
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