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The Sunday Post | Five Things #7

21st February 2016 by naffy

Five Things Another week as week gone and with that I can around up the Five Things #7 that have made my week.

Bloom Tea
Work and life have been incredibly busy recently. I have been doing half 5 – half 11 days and my body was feeling run down. I knew enough was enough and I needed to do something.

I herd a lot about the Supercharge Matcha tea from Bloom as a natural way to beat the 3pm slump and on a recent trip to Holland & Barrett I found it on sale and decided to give it go. I have an indepth review of this coming up but suffice to say, this is a favourite this week.

Blogging Friends
I have been speaking to a lot of people from the blogging community recently and it is nice to be able to speak to others who share this incredibly hobby with myself and completely understand it.

Deep Lips
If my videos and posts have not given it away I have been loving deep lips recently from browns to vampy purples I have been reaching for them a lot recently.

I have a love and hate relationship with this app but at the moment with my mother being far away I am enjoying using this.

Side note, I ALWAYS love strawberries but if you eat a lot of them, you will know what I mean when I say there are good strawbs and then there are delicious strawberries and that is what we managed to pick up this week. They were red, juicy, fresh and everything you would want from a Strawberry.

That is my random mix of things which have made my week. Let me know what made your week.

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