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9th June 2017 by naffy

Lou Morgan Book Out of the many books I have had a pleasure of reading, I can safely say I do not seem to read many books to do with siblings so when I came across The Opposite of You by Lou Morgan I was intrigued.

The Opposite of You tells the story of two twins who could not be more different from each other and over the pst couple of years lost the connection they once had. Naomi is creative and spontaneous often preferring to visit gigs on a school night, while her sister Bex is quite content on being ‘the good sister’ who stays in schools and studies throughout the night.

When Naomi suddenly goes missing, Her sister Bex desperately tries her best to reconnect with her sister as she tries to put together the last moments of her sister life.

Morgan really encapsulates the highs and lows of being a sibling, especially twins in a way I have not read before. It shows you the struggles they face when it comes  to expressing thither individuality and how it affects not just them but their family as they try to forge their own path.

It is a short book which makes it a great commute read as you can get through it on a few commutes to work or during your lunch break. What I thoroughly enjoyed about the book was how I really connected to Bex and her character as she tried to understand what was going through her sisters mind.

I have not read a book by Morgan before, however after having read The Opposite of You but having looked at her previous books, I can see this was a departure from her previous novels and I have to say it has paid off well. She truly created a world which the reader can fall hook line and sinker in too and I cannot wait to see what else she has in store.

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