The November Sourced Box Review

24th November 2016 by naffy

November-sourced-box Vegan Snacks I cannot believe this is around my fifth Sourced Box now. Time has gone by so fast. Needless to say, receiving this in the post is still a highlight of my day. Each box gets better and better and I could not wait to share the November Sourced Box with you.

Raw Ecstasy Activated Almond Chocolate Spread.

This was my idea of heaven on earth. If you know me you know I have an obsession with Nut butters, add chocolate in to the mix and I am all over it. I had this on toast and it was the most delicious spread I have tried in a while. I am visiting Whole Foods this weekend so I need to pick up a full size of this pronto.

Raw Bite Apple and Cinnamon Bar

I am constantly on the go so discovering new snack bars is always a win for me. This is winter in a snack bar. It was sweet with a hint of spice and as it is full of nuts so you are left feeling satisfied and full after devouring it. I had this at work with a cup of tea at my desk and it hit the hangry spot on the head.

Stoats Porridge

I mean as a girl who has porridge daily for breakfast I was incredibly excited to receive this in this months box. I am actually saving this for Friday as I am heading to London and thought it would be a great way to kick start a special weekend. The Stoats Multigrain Porridge is full of oats, Pumpkin seeds, Barley Flakes, Oat Flakes and more.I am use to just having plain porridge so I am excited to give this whirl. It is slightly on the expensive side of Porridge however for a slightly more special breakfast this is a nice treat.

Brontie and Co Hot Chocolate

I have to say I was not a fan of this. The Brontie and Co Hot Chocolate is full of winter spices mixed with the chocolate powder. I was looking forward to trying this as I love Vegan Hot Chocolate (The Mae Deli do a fabulous one) but this particular one is not a favourite of mine.

Raw Health Zesty Lemons and Chia Energy Balls

This was one of the first things I tried from the box and it was absolutely delicious. I actually had to stop myself from eating it as I tried it before dinner. I love these lemon zesty treats and I found it was not too be not over powering. This is perfect if you like a little treat in the evenings except unlike traditional treats this doesn’t leave you with a sugar crash.

Ape Coconut Lightly Peppered Curls

I was pleasantly surprised by these as I am not the hugest coconut fan (Controversial I know) but something it can be overpowering. The Ape Coconut Lightly Peppered Curls were the opposite. If you love crunch savoury snacks, this is one to try.

Munchy Seeds Sesame Sprinkles

This has been in a Sourced Box before. Munchy Seeds are great if you are on the go because you can either gobble them up from the packet (which is easily done as they are tasty) but I love adding them to a snack or a salad for a quick boost of energy and healthy fats.

Halo Coco Coconut Milk and Vanilla Drink

This is creamy like a dairy free milkshake. It is rather heavy on the coconut which  I am not the biggest fan off. There is something about a coconut drink which does not entice me in the slightest. If you love creamy smoothies, coconuts and milkshakes, you will enjoy this.

If you want to grab your Sourced Box, there is still time to grab the December box which I am so excited for! It is suppose to be the best one yet and features an exclusive chocolate. YES! Need I say more?

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