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The nineties TV shows you need to watch

29th August 2019 by naffy

nineties tv shows Ah the nineties, before the wonders of subscription services and you had to manually record TV shows on VHS if you were going to miss it live.


I wasn’t going to start this list without mentioning the queen that is Buffy. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy will forever be one of the best female protagonists to grace our TV screens. For the uninitiated, Buffy is a high school girl tasked with protecting her town from vampires and the underworld. It is dark, full of teenage angst, supernatural voyeurism. It is wonderful and coincidently free on Amazon Prime Video. (Be warned there are many series to get through)


My god there was not a day I watched Charmed and did not want to be Prue Halliwell played wonderfully by Shannon Doherty.  I have spoken about my love for Charmed before and let me tell you it is for good reason. Set in San Fransisco it is about three women in their twenties who after the death of their Grandmother, discover they are witches. Not only that, together they are extremely powerful witches who have demons chasing after them trying to harness their power. It deals with family, love, loss, relationships, supernatural science fiction along with each of them trying to discover who they are.

The West Wing 

Known for having one of the best pilots of any TV series The West Wing is filled with quick-witted dialogue, lovable characters, and a fast-paced world we rarely get to see into. Created by Aaron Sorkin it follows President Bartlett (Played by Michael Sheen) and his team during his time of the President of the United States. It is really interesting to see how they tackle certain political storylines and you see how history can often repeat itself. The magic of Sorkin’s writing shines through this series. The dialogue is wonderfully lyrical which adds to the feel to the show. You really fall for the characters in the show. After seeing how they yearn to make the world a better place, the struggles they face and the sacrifices they make to their personal lives, you become invested in them.


The Original medical drama in my eyes. I remember watching the reruns of this with my mum and falling in love with Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter and the rest of the cast and trust me the show was full of amazingly multi-faceted. Alongside the everyday life of working in a hospital, the show was littered with the doctors and nurses personal lives along with fires, kidnappings, traumatic deaths, weddings, births and everything in between. It was also the first show I watched which featured a big ensemble cast which included people from different backgrounds. It spanned over 300 episodes and 15 seasons (Greys Anatomy only recently surpassed it as the longest-serving medical drama on TV) which speaks volumes within itself. If you like Greys Anatomy and haven’t watched ER, you are really missing out.

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