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The London Bookshops you need to visit

9th July 2019 by naffy

London bookshops I love nothing more than discovering a new bookshop. Even when I am broke, and have no intention of buying a book, there is something special visiting a building dedicated to plenty of books. Since moving to London I have come across some absolute beauties.

Pages Cheshire Street (Brick Lane) 

I recently came across this small beautiful book store tucked away just off Brick Lane after going there for a book launch. Specialising in books written by women, people of colour and non-binary authors, I was already sold before I walked through the door. When I did walk through the door, I was in awe with how warm and welcoming the place was. It felt like a place you could hang out, take your time, meet your friends and browse the books at the same time.

Waterstones (Piccadilly)

The first time I entered the Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus I was in awe. It is easily the biggest store I have ever seen, in turn making it my idea of heaven on earth. It has every type of book you could imagine, along with places to grab a coffee and a bit to eat so you can sit back and relax with your new book or some friends. The coffee shop also has magazines which I adore. It became a regular lunchtime haunt.

Foyles (Tottenham Court Road) 

We don’t have Foyles in Manchester so when I moved to London and came across the big Foyles store in central London, my eyes perked up. It was a bookshop I was unfamiliar with and I needed to find out more. I ended up falling in love with the place. I ended up walking past it on my way home from work so I would often go in an check in on what was in the book charts and what events they were holding. It was the first place I discovered film scripts in the flesh.

Book shops are happy places and these three, in particular, bring me an abundance of happiness.


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