The Healthy Shopping List (on a budget)

19th January 2017 by naffy

Veganuaryj I have always been a rather healthy person and there is this misconception that eating healthy on a budget is something which you cannot do. Yes, there are health foods out there which can be on a more expensive side but it is still possible to eat healthily on a budget. As I have officially made the move to Leeds, I thought I would share the healthy shopping list I stick too while I am finding my feet and on a little bit of a budget.

Canned Beans 

Meet Free Chilli’s are some of the best dishes you could make in the winter while you are on a budget. I tend to stock up on canned kidney beans, butter beans, chick peas and  either combine them with some rice or make specific curries with them.


A good tip for those of you wanting to try Lentils, you can find them at a ridiculously cheap at your local Indian supermarket or the world food isle in supermarkets. They are full of protein and delicious nutrients your body needs function.


It is cold so it is important to start the morning in the right way. Porridge is one of the beat and affordable ways in which to do this. You can buy a huge packet and add one frozen fruit to make the most delicious breakfast. Morn to Go by Cornflakes are my favourite as they are full of good wholesome ingredients. A packet of oats will last you a good couple of months so you will be set for a while for less than £3.

Frozen Fruit and Veg

You will be surprised at how quickly frozen fruit and veg can defrost. I always have some form of fruit and veg in my freezer and add it to every meal I can.


Popcorn is one of my ultimate snacks and they can be very good for you and are incredibly each to make. My favourite is the salted popcorn with a packet of dark chocolate buttons. A small bag of popcorn kernels you make yourself are under £1 and will last you a good few months.

And there you go, with these healthy additions to your shopping lists you will be looking after your body and your wallet.