Glitter Face

The Glitter face with Ash Cosmetics and Glitter Lips

12th December 2016 by naffy

Glitter Face Glitter Face Glitter Lips Glitter Eyes There might have been a time when the words glitter and make up would have made me squirm a little. Recently however I have found myself intrigued by Glitter which is why I wanted to play around and created The Glitter face with Ash Cosmetics and Glitter Lips you see today.

On the lids I used two glitters from Ash Cosmetics* to create a Rose Gold effect on the lids. I first applied the Ash Cosmetics Glue Adhesive on both lids then first went in with the shade Sahara which is a gold shade. The glitter instantly stuck to the lids and was not too messy to apply.

Once I applied Sahara on the lids, I went in with the shade Jewel Pink and mixed them both in together until I was happy with the colour. You can mix the glitters together in a small pot before applying them on the lids but I found the worked well too.

I then went in with lashings of the Max Factor False Lash Effect Epic Mascara to help intensify the look slightly without looking overboard.

Another trend I have noticed lately, are glitter lips. yes, actual glitter on the lips. Initially you can think this is slightly overboard but actually for an evening out with friends this works well. It adds a little bit of fun to a look without going too overboard.

On my lips I applied the Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard in the shade Cherry Pie. Cherrie Pie is a nice fuchsia pink shade which I wasn’t sure would suit me but I actually loved. They also do have a brown shade called Cocoa Loco which I have my eyes on. The glitter lips comes with it’s own adhesive which has a silicone texture making it smooth on the lips.

When I applied the Glitter Lips, I was pleasantly surprised which how easy it was to be precise with this especially on the cupids bow. I was half expecting the glitter to go everywhere but actually it turned out to be not too messy.

I applied both using the Zoeva Precise Pencil brush. The brush was small enough to be as precise as possible on the eye and lips. It was also small enough to get in to the pots without going everywhere which is a bonus.

Both the Ash Cosmetics 3D Glitter and Glitter Lips came off easily using the Garnier Micellar Water. At first I went in with just water and that did not work.

Over all, I was really happy with how this look turned out. I have to admit Glitter Lips are not something I see myself doing on the regular but it will be perfect for special occasions like an evening out with the girls.

The eye look on the other hand is actually perfect for weddings and big events as it adds some character to the look which I really enjoy.

Have you played with Glitter this winter? let me know.

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