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The Four Sustainable Brands on my radar

13th March 2019 by naffy

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable Brands Sustainable Fashion It is not often I feel the need to purchase clothing, in fact, I haven’t really added anything to my wardrobe since 2018. I won’t lie, after delving more into the fashion industry, I fell out of love with clothing and fashion. That was until, with the help of Instagram, I discovered some authentic fashion brands which not only produced items which are unique and worth investing in but also either affordable or items I would save up for.

Stella McCartney 

If there was a luxury fashion brand I would invest, in it would be Stella McCartney. I adore her designs, in particular, her shirts and latest bag collections have had me swooning. As with all sustainable lines, there are not a huge flurry of options but the options available are varied which means there is something there for anyone.


Vegan footwear is only just getting a little bit easier to find. Vegan and sustainable trainers even more so. Veja does some incredible designs which work both on a run or with a dress. If you are someone who likes investing in their trainers and wants an ethical alternative, Vega is a good place to start.

Koi Footwear 

I need to replace a pair of boots so instead of going to my regular places to pick some up, I decided to look around for sustainable and vegan alternatives and came across Koi Footwear. I will admit not all the options are my aesthetic but they do some incredible trainers and heels which I have my eyes on. They recently did a collaboration with Grace Fit and it from what I was able to see before it sold out, it looked incredible.

Lucy Yuk 

I came across this brand after seeing Venetia Falconer featuring it on her Instagram page and immediately fell in love with the vibe of the brand. The pieces are vibrant, full of colour. I took a look at the site and fell in love with the ethos of the brand and the different prints they have available.


When it comes to beauty, it is a lot easier to find suitable cruelty free vegan products which are both affordable and work. Superdrug, in particular, has a great range which is affordable and cruelty-free. I went into Boots the other day and saw their Botanicals range is along the same lines. Their vegan products are clearly labelled and there is a lot from the range to choose from including cleaners, serums and moisturisers.

When it comes to fashion, I still think that second-hand purchasing is the best way to go but if I am looking for something specific it is great to know I have options.

Are there any sustainable lines on your radar?

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