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The Five Instagram Accounts I am drooling over| Life

2nd June 2017 by naffy

Instagram Accounts to follow Despite it’s faults Instagram has to be one of my favourite apps at the moment. With that in mind I wanted to pay homage to Five Instagram Accounts I am drooling over at the moment.

Lucy and Lydia Connell

If you are not following Lucy and Lydia on Instagram you really should be. Their pictures vary from things they are loving to snapshots of their lives. I love the positivity of these girls and the way they go above and beyond to create content for their separate Instagram feeds and I am loving it.

London Brunch Guide

I love Brunch and I love London so this is the perfect account full of great finds in the city. I am always on the lookout for nice places to eat in London so I am constantly stalking this account. First Stop: Timmy Greens.


Alex is a photographer whose stunning pictures speak for themselves. I love how he does not take his feed too seriously, all the pictures are beautiful but there is a very big sense of genuine feelings from them which I love. Aside from the standard editing there is no pretence which on Instagram can be rare.

Aine Carlin 

There are some feeds which when you look at them, you cannot help but smile and that is exactly what happens when I visit Aine’s Feed. She is a chef so there is plenty of yummy treats on her feed along with delicious cups of tea and positivity. Aine, is vegan and she doesn’t preach it on her page but I am always discovering cool cruelty free brands which I love.

Lydia E Millen 

I am a huge fan of Lydia and the content she creates. I love the fact that her Instagram feed does not have a particular theme but full of stunning pictures from Lydias travels and adventures. Her feed inspires me and reminds me how hard work pays off.

Which Instagram accounts are you drooling over at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Ursula
    4th June 2017 / Reply

    I am interested in checking out these instagrams acct, def will check these