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25th July 2018 by naffy

DIMILY Series Did I mention I miss You review Just Don't Mention It Review DIMILY Series If you remember a few weeks ago, I chatted your ears off about the amazing first two books of the DIMILY Series and after finishing book four, I thought it was about time to share my thoughts on the remaining books from the world created by the amazingly talented Estelle Maskame.

Book Three, Did I Mention I love You? Is the last book in the trilogy. It is a year later from where we left both Eden and Tyler who went their separate ways at the end of the second book. Did I mention I love you really showed the evolution in the character in terms of age but also in terms of looking at the predicament they found themselves in. It was less intense and emotionally charged which I think was done on purpose by Estelle Maskame to show this was the last book in the trilogy and help demonstrate the change in both Eden and Tyler.

Saying that, the book was just as emotionally charged as the other too. I would still get off the tube after reading a few chapters and need to compose myself and soak up what I just read.

The story is set in Portland, a place I didn’t know I wanted to visit but after reading a book is definitely on my radar. Much like the way the previous two books, Maskame really encapsulated Portland, making it an integral part of the story. I can vividly imagine walking through the park alongside the characters hanging on to their conversation as if I was actually there in the flesh. Very few authors can do this and it is a credit to Maskame and her writing I am able to feel such a strong connection to Eden, Tyler and their journey together but also as individuals.

Through the backdrop of Portland we see Eden and Tyler trying to navigate their relationship and work out the problems they went through in the previous two books. While Eden is still angry with him for the way in which she was left to deal with the mess of their secret, we see a new side to Tyler as he opens up about his decision and tries to show he is making positive changes in his life and how he wants Eden to be a part of that.

The fourth book in the DIMILY series is not part of the series but a retelling of Did I mention I love you from Tylers perspective. Just don’t mention it switches between two time zones. The present day when both him and Eden meet and When Tyler was just 12 years old and suffering from an abusive relationship. I found it hard to read in places in particular the scenes about abuse which are quite vivid (as expected) but was also intrigued. It can be hard such a misunderstood trauma many face but Estelle does is justice. We also get an insight on how he felt when he first meets Eden and the reasons behind some of his actions when they are together. While personally I could tell from the original book, there was more to Tyler than met the eye and his bad boy act was certainly an act, you really see it in this book.

Both books encapsulate Estelles writing beautifully and perfectly wraps up what has to be one of the most emotionally charged, intense series I have read in a long time.


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